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Wildfire 1/2 oz Leatherette Holster - Black

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If you are carrying the 1/2-ounce Black 18% pepper spray from Wildfire, you are carrying the hottest pepper spray on the market. Now you can carry it in this attractive leatherette holster for easy concealment and fast deployment. Our solid color leatherette holster comes in four distinct colors for your convenience: RedPinkBlue, and Black.

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Why carry your pepper spray in a holster? You may want to carry pepper spray without making it obvious that you're doing so. The holster provides just the right amount of concealment without inhibiting your ability to quickly deploy 3 million SHUs of hot pepper stopping power.

You might decide to use a holster to protect your pepper spray canister from the weather, or to make it easier to find when placed in a purse or messenger bag. There is simply no wrong reason for using a holster.

Carry Your Pepper Spray Anywhere

Our solid color holster for 1/2-ounce Wildfire pepper spray makes it easy to carry non-lethal self-defense virtually anywhere. It doubles as a keychain, so grabbing your keys and heading out the door means taking your Wildfire pepper spray with you. You won't even have to think about it.

Carry pepper spray on your daily commute to and from work. Take it with you to the grocery store, the mall, down to the beach, or on an outing with family and friends. Remember, using the holster as a keychain guarantees that you will have pepper spray whenever you have your keys.

Wildfire pepper spray is the hottest pepper spray product on the market. As long as you're going to carry the 1/2-ounce dispenser – and you really should – consider carrying it in one of our attractive leatherette holsters. A holster gives you fast and easy access while offering concealment and convenience.

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